Hawaii’s Favorite Kayak Experience 

So, you’re thinking of going on an exciting kayak tour in Kailua?

Your unforgettable day begins bright and early in the morning when our friendly, dedicated staff will come pick you up right in Waikiki! We’ll bring you to our shop at world famous Kailua Town where we will show you around the area and get you ready for your delightful day!

Launching from calm, reef-protected waters of Kailua or Lanikai, two of the most pristine white sand beaches in the world, your trip is destined to be a blast. A quick paddle out to the illustrious Mokulua sea-bird preserve or the nearby Popoi’a Island will ensure you are likely to encounter indigenous Hawaiian sea life. Your knowledgeable, highly skilled naturalist guide will educate you on the live reef, the Honu Green Sea Turtles, the Hawaiian Monk Seals, and local fish that are frequent friendly companions on these expeditions.


5 Hour Guided Tour - Starting at $104

Destination: Mokulua Islands

This is by far our
activity in Hawaii!

Guests will partake in a full day adventure to the famed Mokulua Islands Bird Sanctuary led by one of our expert, knowledgeable naturalists. This is an absolutely exclusive destination that is off limits to many other companies due to strict permitting regulation. Luckily, Twogood Kayaks is one of the few licensed companies that is authorized to chaperone visitors to the island. Your guide will impart knowledge and expertise about the protected bird species as well as the other native residents, such as the Green Hawaiian Sea Turtle, and Hawaiian Monk Seal. This tour also includes lunch, snorkeling, an explorative hike around the island, and on days when it is safe, a dip in the Queen’s Bath tide pools and a cliff jumping from a safe ledge. 

2.5 Hour Guided Tour - Starting at $81

Destination: Popoi'a Island

This tour also launches directly from the gorgeous, World-Famous KAILUA BEACH
but the destination is closer and quicker to get to.

On this tour, you will get to head directly to Popoi’a Island, a nearby islet commonly known as Flat Island. Just a quick paddle and you will get to jump ashore and explore the new found land. Snorkelling and lunch are the first order of business, both looking back at the gorgeous beaches of Kailua and Lanikai. The trained and experienced guide will be sure to inform and escort the group safely around. After everyone’s gotten to explore the island it’s time for a quick return paddle with the wind at our back.
The unique aspect of this tour is that because the guided portion is only 2.5 hours, the remainder of time can be spent enjoying all Kailua and Lanikai have to offer as you please.


Exclusive Guided Tour - CALL TODAY !


This tour is indeed exclusive!
Guided by none other than the ultra-experienced,
legendary kayaker,
and President of Twogood Kayaks,
Bob Twogood!

This Kayak Tour was created specifically for those who enjoy being outdoors in our exotic and tropical ocean environment and want to experience areas on Oahu that other visitors nearly never get to see. Choose from four unique kayak tours that take you to some of the most exclusive places in all of Oahu including caves, spectacular rivers and more.
Twogood, who has circumnavigated the entire island numerous times, will have endless wisdom and insight to share with those lucky enough to paddle with the best of them! Get ready for a once in a lifetime journey you’ll never forget!
It’ll be everything you dreamed of and more!

Private Kayak Tour - CALL TODAY !

Destination: Mokulua Islands or Popoi'a Island

This option is perfect if you want to reserve a
Personal Guide
for just you or your group!

We will allocate one of our best to serve as your
Personal Guide for your adventure.
Ideal for family getaways, romantic or intimate encounters, or workplace retreats.
For the Private Guided Tour, you can simply decide where you would like to go, either Popoi’a Island or the Mokulua Islands and we will take you on a privately guided adventure. For this option, there will not be a large group of people but rather a more personal, intimate setting with just your party and the tour guide showing you around. Nobody else to worry about or hold you back. You get to more time and attention to do what you want to do. Perfect for romantic getaways or small intimate groups where you can control your own time.

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