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8 miles round trip

Approximate paddling time 2-4 hours

Approximate duration: 3-5 hours

This kayak tour starts with a paddle out the mouth of a placid river which exits into the ocean. Once on the sea, it’s a 4 mile paddle past giant sea cliffs to the Sea Cave located on a pair of Islands. The cave opening is approx. 25 feet high and after you get into the cave, it opens up into a cathedral like domed ceiling that is approximately 50 feet high.  Total length of the cave from entry to end is approximately 50 yards with a bit of a curve to it so from ½ way back to the end it is pitch black with very loud whooshing water noises from the various pockets and small tubes in the rock which water and air are being forced through as each wave rises and falls within the cave.

It really is an outstandingly cool place to kayak to!  When water and weather conditions are good, snorkeling in the area is outstanding with crystal clear waters and depth from 15 ft. inside the cave to approximately 50 ft. in the grotto outside the cave. The snorkeling area has small caves, sandy areas and many types of tropical fish to enjoy viewing.

After a delicious lunch on the Islands (waves permitting), it’s time for the return trip all the while enjoying the spectacular scenery offered by the windward coast and Koolau Mountains.

The length of this trip is 4 miles to the cave and 4 miles to return. This distance takes most beginner paddlers approximately 1 to 1.5 hours each way, and you can enjoy the cave area, snorkeling, and lunch at your leisure.

This Kayak Tour was created specifically for those who enjoy being outdoors in our exotic and tropical ocean environment and want to experience areas on Oahu that visitors nearly never get to see.

2. Sea Cliffs & Secluded Cove Tour

8.5 miles

Approximate paddling time: 2-3.5 hours

Approximate duration: 3-5 hours

This tour starts on the Southeast corner or our island, around a 2 mile length of 400 ft. sea cliffs which have a secluded cove at the end, where we’ll pull in take a break and enjoy lunch and a bit of snorkeling. We’ll then paddle along the southern coastline with several pocket coves and a unique geological feature called “Toilet Bowl” a large Jacuzzi size pool in which the waves flush you up and down as though in a toilet bowl. After the toilet bowl, we continue around KOKO Crater, through a small sea cave – surf permitting – and will finish up on the south west corner of the island.

3. Secluded Islands Tour

5 miles

Approximate paddling time: 1.5-2.5 hours

Approximate duration: 2.5-3.5 hours

This route begins on the northern end of the East side of Oahu to and travels up a section of reef protected ocean. We then paddle out into the open ocean, around a scenic point, down the coastline and into a bay where we’ll land on a deserted Island with a beautiful crescent shaped shoreline, secluded beaches and a seabird sanctuary. Here, we’ll relax, enjoy a luscious lunch, and snorkel for a while before we head back on the scenic drive to civilization.

for our
Exclusive Guided Kayak Tour
until 31st of December, 2018:

1 to 2  people: $300.00/hour per Person

3 to 4  people: $250.00/hour per Person

5 to 6  people: $230.00/hour per Person

7 plus people: $210.00/hour per Person

The price would include Round Trip Transportation from Waikiki, Local Lunch choise and all the kayak/snorkeling equipment you will need for that trip.

And don’t forget:
Your Exclusive Guide will be
Bob Twogood, Owner and President of Twogood Kayaks !

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