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Free Pickup From Waikiki for Tour Packages


Yeah! Let’s upgrade to a Personal Tour 

Choose between a Private Guided Tour or an Exclusive Guided Tour.
That’s all what you have to do !!! 

Your unforgettable day begins bright and early in the morning when our friendly, dedicated staff will come pick you up right in Waikiki! We’ll bring you to our shop at world famous Kailua Town where we will show you around the area and get you ready for your delightful day!

Our Private Guided Tours are perfect for those wanting something a little more special.
Whether it be an intimate surprise engagement, an unforgettable birthday celebration, or just a day that’s dedicated for the enjoyment of yourself with family and friends. Both Private Tours to Popoi’a Island or to the Mokulua Islands can be customized to your specific wants and needs.

Our Exclusive Guided Tours are guided by Bob Twogood himself.
Bob is a National Champion kayak racer. His love for kayaks and surf skis has led him to build surf skis that has won 14 World Championship races in 20 years – more than any other surf ski builder in the world!
With the exclusive tours led by Bob Twogood you are able to choose almost any kayaking destination on this island that you would like to go to. From the world famous North Shore area all the way to the world famous Lanikai Beach or anywhere in between, where your heart desires Bob can take you there! Some destinations require a permit, so feel free to visit our Exclusive Guided Tour website for detailed information.

And guess what: You are also offered a local gourmet wrap from the popular Kono’s restaurant for lunch on our Exclusive Guided Tours!


Exclusive Guided Tour - CALL TODAY !


This tour is indeed exclusive!
Guided by none other than the ultra-experienced,
legendary kayaker,
and President of Twogood Kayaks,
Bob Twogood!

This Kayak Tour was created specifically for those who enjoy being outdoors in our exotic and tropical ocean environment and want to experience areas on Oahu that other visitors nearly never get to see. Choose from four unique kayak tours that take you to some of the most exclusive places in all of Oahu including caves, spectacular rivers and more.
Twogood, who has circumnavigated the entire island numerous times, will have endless wisdom and insight to share with those lucky enough to paddle with the best of them! Get ready for a once in a lifetime journey you’ll never forget!
It’ll be everything you dreamed of and more!

Private Kayak Tour - CALL TODAY !

Destination: Mokulua Islands or Popoi'a

This option is perfect if you want to reserve a
Personal Guide
for just you or your group!

We will allocate one of our best to serve as your
Personal Guide for your adventure.
Ideal for family getaways, romantic or intimate encounters, or workplace retreats.
For the Private Guided Tour, you can simply decide where you would like to go, either Popoi’a Island or the Mokulua Islands and we will take you on a privately guided adventure. For this option, there will not be a large group of people but rather a more personal, intimate setting with just your party and the tour guide showing you around. Nobody else to worry about or hold you back. You get to more time and attention to do what you want to do. Perfect for romantic getaways or small intimate groups where you can control your own time.

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