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Free Pickup From Waikiki for Tour Packages


Go on a Self Guided Experience! 

Want to have a fun, unforgettable day at the beach and on the water?
Our self guided adventures are the way to go! Your day will begin bright and early when our friendly, dedicated staff will pick you up from your Waikiki Hotel and bring you back to our shop in Kailua where the real adventure begins!
Once you’re all checked in, our staff will give you a rundown of the day and send you off to beautiful Kailua Beach park where you’ll have endless fun in the sun.

If you have chosen the Self-Guided Adventure Package you’ll be launching from calm, reef-protected waters of Kailua, one of the most pristine white sand beaches in the world and prime Sea Turtle territory.
Take things at your own pace, you will visit places such as world famous Lanikai beach, the Mokulua Islands or Popoi’a Island (Flat Island). Along the way you may spot the endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle as it surfaces to breath or you may see Sea birds called Shearwaters dotted along the island’s hills and crevices. If you make it the short paddle to the Mokulua Islands, you may also see one of our rare Hawaiian Monk Seals sunbathing on the beach.

For a more laid-back day, choose our Kailua Beach Adventure.
This package takes you to the beautiful white sands of Kailua beach and gives you a day of relaxation in the clear, calm water where you can boogie board, snorkel or just sunbathe on the beach. While snorkeling you may see Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles as well as local tropical fish. If you are interested, a short walk will take you to world-famous Lanikai Beach, where you can snorkel among live corals and see fish in their homes and feeding areas.
These vibrant turquoise waters are the perfect place for the entire family to play and enjoy the day.


--Adventure Package-- Starts at $59.50 !

Kayak to the Mokulua Islands or Popoi'a Island on your own

This Kayak Tour is perfect for the courageous and curious thrill seekers who want to do things on their own!

Kailua Beach Adventure Starts at $38.50 !

Explore Kailua and Lanikai Ocean

This option is perfect for a more laid-back day, a day of relaxation in the clear, calm water or just sunbathing on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world!

Kailua Beach Adventure Starts at $59 !

Explore Kailua town on a Bike

This is a perfect option to explore and visit all the shops, eateries, and activities our beautiful Kailua Town has to offer!

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