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Private Tours

Yes! Upgrade to a Personal Tour

Choose between a Private Guided Tour or an Exclusive Guided Tour. That’s all what you have to do!

Our Private Guided Tours are perfect for those wanting something a little more special.

Whether it be an intimate surprise engagement, an unforgettable birthday celebration, or just a day that’s dedicated for the enjoyment of yourself with family and friends. Both Private Tours to Popoi’a Island or to the Mokulua Islands can be customized to your specific wants and needs.

Our Exclusive Guided Tours are guided by Bob Twogood himself.

Bob is a National Champion kayak racer. His love for kayaks and surf skis has led him to build surf skis that has won 14 World Championship races in 20 years – more than any other surf ski builder in the world!

With the exclusive tours led by Bob Twogood you are able to choose almost any kayaking destination on this island that you would like to go to. From the world famous North Shore area all the way to the world famous Lanikai Beach or anywhere in between, where your heart desires Bob can take you there! Some destinations require a permit, so feel free to visit our Exclusive Guided Tour website for detailed information.

And guess what: You are also offered a local gourmet wrap from the popular Kono’s restaurant for lunch on our Exclusive Guided Tours!

The Itinerary for the Guided Group Tours and the Private Guided Kayak Tour is pretty much the same BUT ON OUR PRIVATE TOUR YOU AND YOUR PARTY WILL GET YOUR OWN GUIDE TO FULFILL ALL YOUR PRIVATE WISHES.

Your fun-filled adventure begins when you meet us at our shop to check-in . Here you will meet your kayak guide, who is Lifeguard, CPR, and First Aid certified. After a brief introduction you will be outfitted with all of the necessary gear for the trip including life-jackets (PFD’s), lunchboxes with food, dry bags, and snorkel gear. After a thorough briefing of the area and some basic instruction on how to kayak, it’s time to get to the beach.

Upon arrival, you will bring your kayaks over to the water where our expert guide will help you launch safely and securely. Now it’s time to set out for the Mokulua Island sea-bird sanctuaries, which is about a one hour paddle through beautiful blue waters surrounded by the serene natural beauty of Hawaii. Upon landing on the islands peaceful beach, you will begin your discovery of this pristine protected island through the professional supervision of the guide.

The agenda includes lunch on the island while facing the famous Lanikai / Kailua beach and learning about the majestic history of the wildlife, marine life, and formation of the land. Afterwards, you’re free to go snorkeling, often being joined by Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles which are frequently seen here or take a short hike around the back to visit a hidden tide pool (known as Queen’s Bath) on Moku Nui. On many days kaykers may get to witness the Hawaiian Monk Seal basking on shore or take a trip to a secret cove where they can snorkel or cliff jump! If conditions permit you will have a chance to kayak surf the waves under the
instruction of the guide.

After everyone has had their fun on the island it’s time to launch again. On days when snorkeling conditions on Moku Nui are not optimal, we take a quick paddle across to Lanikai to enjoy the beach and snorkel there as well. By this point it will already have been a few hours of fun and adventure and be time to head back to the shop. A short paddle with the wind at our back will land us back at Kailua Beach and heading back to our shop around 2:30 PM. You will be on your way by 3:00 PM.

To book your Private Guided Kayak Tour now please contact us via phone 808-262-5656 or send us an email to [email protected]


On Your PRIVATE GUIDED KAYAK TOUR you’ll get to experience all there is to offer on this diverse, captivating venture!

A scenic paddle takes you to the Seabird Sanctuary that is the Mokulua Islands. YOUR trained PRIVATE GUIDE will help you discover the island, taking you to a hidden secret cove of Moku Nui, a cliff jumping spot, and for a soak in the Queens tide pools. Frequently visited by Sea Turtles and Monk Seals, the island offers an unparalleled, unique snorkeling or kayak surfing experience!

This paddling tour takes place on calm-reef protected waters of Kailua Bay, Oahu. One of our trained naturalists will guide YOU along this beautiful coastal area to several close offshore islets. Along the way, you will see our most important resident, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. YOUR guide, well-versed in Hawaiian history, marine life, and our island’s geological formations will tell stories and impart thought provoking information about Hawaii that most visitors would love to hear about.

You will be landing your safe and stable sit-on-top kayak on one of the two-world famous beaches (Kailua or Lanikai Beach) for some snorkeling with our tropical fish and turtles. Your guide is also a master paddler and instructor so you will learn the fun and safe way to paddle your kayak. If you choose to, your guide will even teach you how to kayak-surf a few waves.


  • PRIVATE GUIDE (nobody else will be in your group)
  • Kayak, Life Jacket and Paddle
  • Snorkel Gear, Seat Backs and Dry Bags
  • Picnic Lunch
  • 8am – 3pm Full Day of Adventure!
  • Transportation


Or you go on our

EXCLUSIVE private tour

ON OUR EXCLUSIVE GUIDED KAYAK TOUR you will choose the area of your tour from several possibilities that offer the Crème De la Crème of kayaking on Oahu. You may choose to paddle up a meandering river through a Tropical Rain Forest, or paddle alongside 400 foot sea Cliffs and explore intimate little coves that people don’t often get to visit, or maybe an excursion to a mammoth sea-cave that you’ll paddle deep inside, or along a coastline of long beautiful white sandy beaches and exotic little tropical islands where you and your guide will be the only humans in sight.

These tours are conducted and led by Bob Twogood, President and owner of Twogood Kayaks Hawaii, Inc.
Bob is a kayaking legend in Hawaii for more than 40+ years and a former National Champion Kayak racer. Together with his Hua Iki Paddling Club members, Bob Twogood has also circumnavigated the Island of Oahu over 20 times while leading his groups. So he knows every bit of coastline, reef and channel intimately. There is no one in Hawaii who has more experience in leading groups on kayak excursions along Oahu’s coastline than Bob Twogood.

If you select this Exclusive Guided Kayak Tour, you’ll discuss with Bob which area of Oahu you’d like to paddle in, partly based upon the time of the year, weather and surf conditions, and the scenery you’d like to see.

Once you’ve made your selection of location and date, we’ll provide transportation to and from the kayak excursion where you’ll create the memories of a lifetime!

Included: All kayak equipment, local lunch and an experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

For complete information, and to arrange an experience that your friends will envy, please click Exclusive Guided Tour.

To book your Exclusive Guided Kayak Tour now please contact us via phone
808-262-5656 or send us an email to [email protected]

Click HERE for more info about the exclusive private tour

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much)

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