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SUP Lessons

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One of the reasons Twogood Kayaks is so successful in getting our clients up and confident quickly on SUPs is that the most important factor in stand-up paddling is how to handle the paddle. The paddle is used not just to paddle with, but also to provide balance and steering.

At Twogood Kayaks, we’ve been teaching paddling skills for over 35 years so you can be confident that when you get paddling instruction on an SUP from us, you will progress to proficiency more quickly than with any other instructors. Give us a call and start Stand-Up Paddling today!


  • SUP private lesson (1 hour): $159.00
  • SUP private lesson (2 hour): $259.00
  • SUP private lesson (3 hour): $309.00

Call us for availability information and/or to make a reservation!

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