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Free Pickup From Waikiki for Tour Packages


Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling or SUP has been the fastest growing water sport in Hawaii for 10 years!

Twogood Kayaks has a great selection of boards for everyone from beginners to the most experienced paddlers. Our rentals include a range of light, easy to use boards for beginners, which range in length from 10 ft to 11.5 ft. We also have INFLATABLE SUP BOARDS, which makes it far easier to transport the boards to and from the beach!!!

The waters of Kailua offer the best variety of SUP conditions, suitable for all experience levels. New stand up paddlers start in Kawainui stream to practice new technique and refine their balance skills before launching into the ocean. The Kailua canal offers over a mile of calm water lined by houses and trees that host a variety of bird species and fish. Traveling to the mouth of the canal you will find Kailua Beach, where you’ll launch to visit Popoia Island, commonly called FLAT Island – you’ll know why when you see it. This is a short paddle in relatively shallow water. Landing in a small cove on the island allows a chance to take a break and walk around exploring this sea-bird sanctuary. Next, paddle over to Lanikai where you’ll enjoy clear turquoise, water, protected from the ocean waves by the reef a ½ mile off shore. This area provides outstanding views of the coral reef, tropical fish and our most famous resident the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

For the experienced stand up paddler, you can paddle out to the Mokulua or Twin Islands for even more adventure! Take our snorkeling gear with you and you can enjoy this area from above AND below the surface!

The beach is a short 5 minute drive from our store, so we provide free foam pads and straps so you can drive your SUP to Kailua Beach or Lanikai Beach. If you’re staying in a residence along Kailua or Lanikai Beach, we’ll deliver paddle boards or rental kayaks free of charge for multi-day rentals.   Call us at 808-262-5656 to RESERVE NOW!

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